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2014 Student Free Days

Thursday, January 30, 2014 8:59 PM

FOUNDATION STUDENTS will have every Wednesday off school (rest day) for the whole month of February. Their first full week of school will begin the week of Monday 3rd March. 

Curriculum Day on the first day of term 2, Tuesday April 22nd and then on the first day of term 3, Monday July 14th, when students will not be required at school. Curriculum Day will be a Reporting Day and is planned for June 20th when students will only be required at school during their interview times. 
Term 1 - 28 Jan - 4 Apr
Term 2 - 22 Apr - 27 Jun
Term 3 - 14 Jul - 19 Sep
Term 4 - 6 Oct - 19 Dec


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