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Thursday, October 26, 2017 1:04 PM
Great Melrose Spelling Bee

The annual Great Melrose Spelling Bee is happening soon!!
Two students from each area (one from each year level) will be chosen to represent their class. Each class champion will be decided after competing in a range of spelling activities that will be occurring in classrooms. The champions will be students who are actively participating and excelling in these spelling activities.
The Melrose Spelling Bee will comprise of 3 challenges; Flashcards, Speed Spell and Individual Spelling. Champions will compete in each of these tasks to receive a final score.
Parents are invited to attend the Spelling Bee in the multi-purpose room and cheer on each areas champions.

Year 3-6 Spelling Bee – Monday 27th November at 11:45am
Foundation -Year 2 – Wednesday 29th November at 11:45am


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