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EQ Parent Information Session

Thursday, January 28, 2016 9:04 PM
Family life is the first place that we learn to recognize, understand and manage our emotions. How can we, as parents, provide our children with the experiences that they will need to make sense of their feelings and the feelings of others? How can we demonstrate the importance of ‘choice’ when responding to our own feelings and the feelings of others? Join us for an interactive workshop to learn about how our school is working to create a positive emotional climate for learning and developing the social and emotional skills of our school leaders, teachers and students. Family members will learn about the science of emotional intelligence and how we are applying the skills of emotional intelligence in our school with RULER. You’ll learn how to use emotional intelligence to help build trusting relationships at home while developing skills that will serve your child for a lifetime. This parent information session will be facilitated by Rachel Saunders Date: Monday 15th February 2016   Time: 6-7pm Location: Computer Lab/Library (enter via door near A10) A light supper will be provided. Child Care: Child Care may be available if need is adequate.  To register your intent to participate (and whether or not you will require child care) please contact the front office on 60591955.


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