Emotional Intelligence

At Melrose Primary School we understand that academic achievement alone is not enough to guarantee success in life. Our motto, ‘Educating Hearts and Minds’ is supported through our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) curriculum. Through explicit teaching of our three pillars, ‘Know Yourself’, ‘Choose Yourself’ and ‘Give of Yourself’, students learn to understand their own and others emotions, use thoughts and actions to get along with others, and make choices that contribute to their wellbeing and happiness.

While EQ is woven into the fabric of Melrose, children are explicitly taught the skills of self awareness, self management, social awareness, and social management 4 hours each week. The direct teaching of these skills creates a ripple effect, where children develop a range of virtues such as persistence, optimism, courage, empathy, determination, gratitude and mindfulness.

Know Yourself

Understanding your emotions and others emotions

Choose Yourself

Making strong choices and being your best self

Give of Yourself

Creating a better world
through kindness and care

Recognising and naming emotions your own and others emotions.

Describing ways you can know how others are feeling (e.g. facial expressions, sounds, body language).

Linking your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Recognising and describing your own patterns of thinking and behaviour.

Expressing emotions appropriately to the situation and time.

Regulating and modifying emotions when needed.

Using consequential thinking to make strong choices.

Choosing thoughts, feelings and actions to create new patterns.

Using positive self talk to overcome challenges.

Being your best self.

Showing empathy and compassion for others.

Compromising, cooperating and problem-solving to get along with others.

Having the courage to be an active bystander.

Valuing the rights and opinions of others.

Showing care and concern for the greater good and the world around you.