School Profile

Melrose Primary School is located in Silva Drive, Wodonga, approximately 3kms west of Wodonga Central. The school has a history spanning over 37 years and enrolment has steadily increased to around 340 students this year.  Located in an educational and recreational precinct, our school is surrounded by a network of parks, walking and bicycle paths, sporting ovals and courts and a major regional recreational facility. 

With considerable housing commission areas surrounding the school, our 2016 Student Family Occupation Index is 0.6655. CSEF funding currently supports 118 of our 219 families (59% of our students). Koorie students comprise 19% of our current enrolment and we have 13 students with EAL backgrounds (7 of these with Refugee status).

Having worked together as a Cluster group for many years, Melrose and seven other Wodonga Government schools (within the Wodonga LGA established the Wodonga Federation of Government Schools in 2016, working collaboratively to establish common goals and action teams in identified priority areas.
Class structures at Melrose in 2017 comprise 3 Foundation straight classes, four Grade 1/2 composite classes, five Grade 3/4 composite classes and four Grade 5/6 composite classes. Specialist teachers provide programs throughout the year for all classes in Visual Arts, Physical Education and Languages Other Than English: Italian (and AusLAN for Foundation students). 

The overall philosophy driving our school is encapsulated in our motto "Educating Hearts and Minds" – a philosophy derived from our ten year journey in Emotional Intelligence. The school is based on the belief that quality education is best provided for students through meaningful relationships between teachers and students.
We have a unique building with all classrooms under one roof that was opened in 1979 with the learning areas positioned around the outside of the building and the central areas consisting of an art resource centre, sick bay, library, computer lab, a multi-purpose room, office spaces, staff and kitchen facilities. The school underwent (BER) renovations in 2011 primarily with a new office area and classroom being added to the building. There is a two room portable on site that is used as the LOTE (Italian) room and also provides an extra space working space/music room area.