Week 4 Term 1

Dear Parents and Friends,
An effective school and parent partnership is essential to the academic and emotional learning of all students. It has been great to see this partnership thriving. The response to Coles Sports for Schools vouchers will enable valuable sporting equipment to be purchased for lessons and recess and lunchtime activities.  Celebrating with the students and parents during assembly and regular and constructive feedback along with two way communication has demonstrated this partnership is enhancing the engagement and learning of 2018 Melrose Primary School students.

School Council and Annual General Meeting:
School Council Annual General meeting will be held Monday 26th of February at 5.30pm. School operation is a collaborative process and the more parental input the better. 
All Melrose Primary School parents, guardians and carers are welcome to attend the School Council Annual General Meeting. I hope to see many of you there and look forward to welcoming return and new nominees for vacant positions.

Coles Sports for Schools vouchers:
Melrose Primary School has registered for the Coles Sports for Schools vouchers. This is a very valuable way to support the school and provides sporting equipment for students to access daily. Every $10 spent in store will receive 1 voucher. Vouchers can be sent to school and placed in the collection box at the front office.

For details of upcoming events, please regularly read the newsletter, email correspondence and follow us on Facebook.

Please keep an eye on your phone for a message that informs families when their child/children are receiving an award for EQ, academic and personal success. We encourage parents to attend the assembly Friday morning at 9.10am – 10.00am.

Melrose Primary School Rights and Responsibilities:
To ensure an organised and effective learning environment for all at Melrose Primary School, students are explicitly taught their Rights and Responsibilities as part of the Student Handbook. To support this process please talk through the hand book with your child/children, sign and return to the class teacher. This support is appreciated and an integral part of the Melrose philosophy - Educating Heart and Minds. 

Car Parking:
Parents – Designated spaces along Silva Drive, Schultz Court and Higginson Court
Staff and school services – School carpark off Schultz Court
While spaces are limited during drop off and pick up, please use designated areas to avoid congestion.
Thank you to all for your communication and support this week and anticipated attendance at the School Council Annual General Meeting next Monday 26th of February
Thank you ´┐╝Ben Slocombe - Principal