Week 1 Term 2

Welcome back for another term where the Melrose Primary School learning community strives for personal and collective Excellence using our values of Motivation, Empathy, Courage and Thinking. To support this the Melrose teaching and learning team welcomes a number of new staff to continue the integration of emotional intelligence with academics. 

Welcome to:
Mrs Carole Mann who is replacing the travelling Mr Joshua Thorp in Year 3/4 Area 7
Mr Garry Kelly who will skill the students in the performing arts through Drama while Mrs Kate Dale is honing her teaching craft. 
Ms Elisha D ’Antonio who joins Mrs Wendy Macey and Mr Pete Schneider at the front office 
Tim McLaren who takes the reins as coordinator of Melrose Out of School Hours Care, while Ms Lee Deegan focuses on educational support.

Melrose Primary School Teaching and Learning Vision statements:
Monday 16th of April’s pupil free day was focused on the Melrose Primary School’s teaching and learning vision. This vision ensures a consistent approach focused on student learning and wellbeing, EQ and the partnership between home and school.

Term 2 Calendar:

The Term 2 Calendar is busy with learning opportunities and events to support student and family development. Please check your email for the Newsletter and the website and/or follow us on Facebook to ensure you are informed.

· ANZAC assembly – Tuesday 24th of April. Parents and carers are encouraged to join us as we remember.

· Wednesday 25th of April is the ANZAC day public holiday. 

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We look forward to continued school improvement in partnership with parents, carers and families resulting in student social, emotional and academic progression. 

Ben Slocombe