Dear Parents, Carers and Friends,
The developing the Melrose Child is a daily focus of Melrose Primary School and provides many opportunities. Teaching strategies are used in the classroom and in the yard to educate our student’s hearts and minds. Student led conferences allow parents to hear their child/children share their learning goals and how they will achieve them. Social engagement and interaction will be developed at this week’s disco.

Teaching and Learning at Melrose Primary School:

Melrose Primary School staff base our teaching learning on best practice. The HITS (high Impact Teaching Strategies) are 10 instructional practices that reliably increase student learning wherever they are applied. They emerge from the findings of tens of thousands of studies of what has worked in classrooms across Australia and the world. 

For any concept or skill that students need to learn, using a HITS to teach it increases the chances that students will learn it, compared to using other strategies. 

Melrose Primary School – Positive Play and 3Rs:

At Melrose Primary School our aim is to assist students in understanding their behaviour and how it affects everyone in our school community. The EQ program teaches the students the skills they need now and in the future to effectively deal with their emotions and Positive Play and 3Rs support this in the yard. Positive Play Room is a supervised indoor space for students to attend at recess and lunch time. The space is used as a play space for students who require support to play co-operatively, develop social skills and learn to self-regulate (Positive Play). 
The 3R’s space where students are encouraged to reflect on their behaviour and how they have impacted others. The Reflection, Repair and Restitution process supports themselves and others.

Student Led Conferences:

Thursday 21st June 3.30pm – 6.00pm

Friday 22nd June 8.30am – 12.30pm

Evening and morning sessions have been created to suit as many families as possible. This is an opportunity for students to share their learning and goals while also building on the partnership between home and school.

How do I book an appointment?

Parents and care givers can book through the online system, the links and code are below, or by contacting the front office who will book it for you.  The online booking system will be ‘live’ from Tuesday 12th June 2018.

Web link and Facebook   

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Pupil Free Day:

To allow for the Student Led Conferences Friday 22nd June is a pupil free day.

Sign In and Out:
To ensure Melrose Primary School students, staff, parents and visitors meet the child safe standards please sign in and out when entering the school between 9.00am and 3.20pm.

Child Safe Standards information: 

Melrose Disco:

Thank you to the fundraising parents, staff and student team who have organised the 2018 Disco. 

Junior Disco – Friday 15th June 4:00pm-5:00pm 

Senior Disco – Friday 15th June 5:30pm-7:00pm

Ben Slocombe